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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  December 12, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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. we probably saved the baby's life. >> the fast action taken moments after a baby was born in the streets of san francisco. good afternoon, i am tori. a woman gave birth and the mother and baby are both in the hospital right now. how quick-thinking officers helped to save the baby's life. >> they are being credited with saving the baby's life. it as touch and go situation. they are young fathers here out of the bay view station s we weren't able to speak to them first hand. as you imagine, they had an adrenaline charged experience and at home resting. we are hoping to hear from them over the next couple of days. we did hear from the acting
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captain and this is what he has to say about the officer's actions. >> they made extraordinary decisions and right decisions and got the small child to the hospital and saved the baby's life. if they are not heros, i don't know who is. >> reporter: here is what happened. around 2:00, a woman arrive at a shelter in the bay view district. she had given birth to the baby and knocked on the door for help. we spoke to the man who did not wish to be identified. >> she was crying. just looked like she was beaten up, covered in blood. and she said she had a baby, just had a baby. >> reporter: now officers say the woman who is 40 years old. handed the baby to a stranger and flagged down officers on the corner. they received a 911 call from the shelter worker. the baby was not breathing.
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he had no pulse. one was trained as a paramedic and the other drove to the hospital. the mer is known to frequent the area and was familiar with the shelter. >> to be able to help a mother and her child. to be able to make sure that they wet the right help they need. we were put here for a reason. and we thank god we were here. >> now the mother and baby boy are doing just fine. no word yet on when the mother will be facing charges and we did get in touch with the chief of police. he did say he was extremely proud of his officers. live from san francisco, i am tara more i don't rememberty. >> channel -- tara moriarty. >> thank you, tara. there is more information on the deadly mall shooting. they released the names of the victims and the suspect who terrorized thousands of people. the clackamas sheriff
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identified this man jacob tyler roberts as the gunman. he fired as many as 60 shots before he killed himself. a 40-year-old won and 54-year-old man were killed. a young girl is in critical condition. this is in the midst of chaos. >> 10,000 people in the mall at one time kept a level head. they got themselves out of the mall. they helped others get out. >> the sheriff said there is no apparent relationship between the gunman and the people he shot. they have not yet determine add motive. he said it as heart-breaking tragedy that would have been much worse had the gunman's rifle not jammed. torres, man accused of killing morgan hill teenager
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sierra lamar. we are joined outside the courthouse and this is his first public appearance. right. janine. >> reporter: we have not seen him in court since the spring. i almost didn't recognize him. he was arraigned on three new charge that is he attempted to kidnap women back in 2009. garcia-torres stayed in court and was officially notified that the new kidnapping charges. he looked vastly different. his hair has grown out and he looks thinner. he was arrested for the murder of missing teen, sierra, lamar. three additional charges were added to the complaint. he was trying to kidnap three women in the safeway parking lot in 2009. >> several people helped search
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for sierra and they say they are frustrated that he didn't enter a plea. they said it was important to come up to the hearing. >> he always waits at the door and you hear the chains. it is like, come on, buddy. come out. stop being such a coward. he needs to face up to what he has done and he is going to. it is coming, right. >> reporter: the public defender representing garcia-torres objected to the three additional charges being added to the case. he entered a plea in court. and keeps asking the judge for a continuance to review evidence. his next hearing is scheduled for february 6th. reporting live from san jose, ktvu news. they have arrested four women in which the victims were found in a quiet residential area. bound, gagged and left for
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dead. the victims. 56-year-old steven reid and a woman in her teens were found. reid later died and the woman is in critical condition and expected to survive. they arrested two people on murder charges. they face charges of accessory to murder. >> it is part of the process to determine what happened with the motive. >> police say there is extensive relationship between the victims and the suspects. they won't discuss where the victims were attacked or why they were left in the middle of the street. happening now, we have breaking news to report out of oakland where police have raid add marijuana grow operation. news chopper 2 is live over the scene at role lands way. they arrived here early this morning and raided the warehouse. they found hundreds of marijuana plants inside along with cultivation equipment. these are live pictures from
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news chopper two. there is some activity and two people are arrested and their identities have not yet been released. we will follow the story and we will have more on the operation and arrest on ktvu news at five. oakland police are investigating three separate shootings overnight. it happened at 8:40 last night. they rushed to a shooting on hawkins drive. just south of the coliseum. when officers arrived, they found one man dead. police have not released his identity and called for a translator because he is asian. then they found a woman wounded in the block of 18th street and west oakland. he is listed in stable condition. around 2:30 a man was shot in the 400 block of 60th street. the victim has been uncooperative. so far, there are no arrests in any of the cases. in san jose, police are now
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investigating their 44th homicide case of the year. that's the highest death toll in the city in more than four years. it happened around 3:00 yesterday afternoon. they responded to reports of a car crash and found a 16-year-old boy lying in the street. it appears the victim was stabbed. arraignment was put off for the man ordered to stand trial last year of a vallejo police officer. henry albert smith junior is accused of killing this officer. he had just robbed a bank, when he shot him. that was november 17th of last year. smith is charged with murder. the arraignment was rescheduled for february 15th. prosecutors said they will decide by then whether to seek the death penalty. fatal stabbing of a teenager two years ago. newark police announced the
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arrest of tovar and daniel la guzman of newark and daniel howard of fremont in the killing of justice. he was stabbed in broad daylight on september 15th, 2010. it happened a quarter mile from newark high school. it was retaliation for a fist fight. they were arrested monday and booked into the santa rita jail. they have arrested a man on dui charges after he slammed his puck pickup truck into a building. the crash happened at 3:30 at the villa apartments near east taylor street not far from wattson park. the truck hit one room where a 8-year-old boy was sleeping and another where the truck broke a crib had half and knocked a 2-year-old girl onto the floor. >> i tried to get out of there. i wasn't going to let them go. i jumped over and there is a
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bunch of power cords. it didn't happen. everybody came and he couldn't do anything after that. >> the little girl was not hurt in the crash. this is austin joseph crabler and charged with driving while understand the influence. his truck may have been going 70 miles an hour when it hit the building. anti violence advocates are stepping up the efforts to get sean mirka -- to resign. they said the group was considering a recall campaign against the sheriff. mirkarima pled note contest to a violence domestic charge. he robbed a bank and entered a not guilty plea this morning. philip tong is accused of stealing $17,000 from the bank
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of america in the richmond district. they tracked them down by a fingerprint on a note he gave to the teller. he filed for bankruptcy in july. as a deputy. he earned more than $7,000 a month. he is expected back in court next monday. they are hoping newly released surveillance video will help them find a man who robbed at gun point. this is near clearry street. it shows one suspect hitting the victim with a pistol. police say two men drove away in a newer model dodge charger. these are photos of the men who committed the crime. police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. i am brian flores live in san francisco. we will tell you what areas are affected and whether you can see flooding. it may be sunny and sunnier in the neighborhood. but there are reports of hail
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. once again breaking news. police raid add marijuana grow operation. this is happening at edgewater drive and oaklandway. they arrived here and raided the warehouse. you can see the police cruisers outside the parking lot and warehouse. it looks like they are looking in the back after black pickup truck. they found hundreds of marijuana plants along with equipment. two people have been arrested and their identities are not yet released. we will continue to follow the story and have more on the operation and the arrest on ktvu, channel 2 news at five. they are bracing for the king tides, that is the highest tide of the year and it is already having an impact. brian flores, will let us now how long it should last. >> good afternoon, tori. an hour and a half ago, the
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water from the pier here, and making it inaccessible. they are here bringing a lot more water to the bay and beaches. >> reporter: normally the entrance to pier 14 along the embarcadero would be lower. >> i have never seen anything proximate mating this. >> -- approximating this. >> it is amazing. >> reporter: the king tides are back. they say the yearly occurrence is caused by graphational pull by the sun and moon and will cause a rice in sea level with the bay and beaches. >> it will cause a difference. >> reporter: the king tides are expected to last until friday. they have taken notice. this was a picture taken late november and this is what it looks like today. joe was surprised to see it while walking the dogs.
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>> i am here every day and it is low. it is not this high except for when the storm came and sunny day like this. it doesn't look right. >> reporter: they are not associated with the climate change but they hope people will take pictures and show the effects of global warming. >> this is a natural occurrence and it does kind of you know, open your eyes as to what can happen with global warming and glaciers and etcetera. >> this is during the king tide. some places could be ocean in simpson beach, half moon bay and we are keeping an eye on the local streets as well. i am brian flores, ktvu news. >> you can share a link to show the foes of the king tide. look for hot topics unweb
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links. four fire stations in contra costa are scheduled to close. they are in martinez, lafayette and clinton. they -- clayton. they needed to save $3 million a year. this is after voters rejected a partial tax that would have raised revenue to keep the stations open. honda is recalling older suvs and minivans because of a problem with the ignition switch. it covers the 2,003 honda pilot and odyssey and acuramjx. it allow the ignition key to be moved when the vehicle is not in park. 26 people reported runaway vehicles and one person was hit by their vehicle and broke a leg. low cost bus service is up and running in the bay area,
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the first mega bus took off and headed for los angeles. the company offered fairs -- fares as low as $1. buses also leave from oakland and san jose. in the east bay regional parks department has a new horse. the foundation acquired the horse named justin. he is a one year old quarter horse and he will be valuable for patrolling and public recommendations. >> it is a different type of policing. you can relate to the people differently. everyone loves a police horse and it helps us get into remote areas and very steep terrain where foot officers can't go and because the helicopters can't see. >> the cost to acquire and train the horse was $5,000. well, our weather is with us. sun, shrouds, showers. they are picking up.
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especially along the san mateo coast and the santa clara valley and reports of hail. otherwise it is cold breezy conditions. if our forecast models are right. they will last a week and 10 days and next week could be beneficial for this sierra nevada. and some of the higher elevations. north star and kirkwood and finally snow was way too lie. we had the rain. they didn't get much. you can see things picked up in the sierra. much lower snow level. for us coming out of the northwest and even san jose, there are a little bit of mixed precipitation in the foothills and maybe light snow and right now, everything is favoring over towards the peninsula. and half moon bay. back over 92. san mateo and palo alto and right by redwood city. and we see yellow and orange.
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i wouldn't be surprised if there is a little bit of hail right now. it is east palo alto and palo alto, menlo park and redwood city. we are not done yet. it is a band off the area. it is forming right there. swing in an hour or two. confining itself to the san mateo, santa cruz. and morgan hill, you can see it popping up. if you don't have that. and have the sun, bunle up. it is not very warm. slow to mid. and this pattern is stuck here for awhile. coldest is tonight and tomorrow. it is coming off the ocean and could get splash and dash showers and some of these are severe. you know what, we changed. it was wet, warm, little break and now showers, partly cloudy, partly sunny and some clouds, showers. and the some hail. the main word is colder. some of the projections show
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stronger systems. more rain and heavier snow and colder temps. this is the first of what many could be coming in. and weakest one so far. temperatures are in the 50s and along the coast and around the bay. that's because weather near the water and inland temps are going to be hard pressed to warm up. this is a really tough pattern, tori. and things happen fast, fast, fast. >> friday we get a breakle hand maybe something late saturday and sunday. >> cold is the main thing to focus on. >> yes, as the wind dies down, critical minute number. >> thank you, steve. >> any time. >> as the fiscal cliff inches closer, we will have an update on the progress coming to an agreement. it is a rush to the altar. some believe it is extra lucky to tie the knot today. card hassles?
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. stocks are mixed. and the federal reserve said it is slightly growth ahead and from current levels. look at the big four. dow is up nasdaq down seven. s&p up three. don't make plans from john boehner if fellow republican members of congress as they try to come up with a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff.
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he said he and president obama talked and said it is clear that serious differences remain. republicans want tax cuts and reduced spending on programs. they hopefully will remember this wedding anniversary date. 12/12/12. >> witness the marriage today. >> at courthouses al around the to get married. one couple came to the courthouse found all the bookings in city hall were taken. it is the same month, day and year are considered lucky. today on channel news at five. this is a live look from chopper two. lots of officers. oakland police. told us this is a marijuana grow house. they found 700 plants in and cash. and reporter is just getting to the scene. what we learned about the bust and tied to the grow operation at five. thank you for trusting the
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